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Two Strange Witches...

Madam Elvira will read in the lines of your hand, Mister Boris will examine his crystal ball and delve into the mazes of your subconscious. They will be very happy to offer you a love philtre, a youth elixir, a viper nectar and will choose in their selection of jars and phials the remedy that will do you to rediscover to smile it.

Our 2 devoted sorcerers comes and erect their altar on which they will expose some family relics (the tamed spiders, the living hand of grand grand uncle etc…) as well as the whole equipment necessary for their ritual (the pot of smoking magic broth and an unbelievable selection of bewitched & bewitching remedies). It’s around this gear that they will approach gullible passant in order to propose them a sometimes crazy and often surprising examination, of their destiny…

This animation is fixed and conceived for events where the public moves itself. It applies to all kind of public and is presented in a curious language who combines a kind of Transylvanian, French, Dutch and English..

- Fixed animation up to maximum of 4 hours
- To provide a table of about three meters and electricity
- Preferably in the evening or in a dark place
- Indoor & outdoor

Magician Daniel Adrian
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