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Mime & Hat - Il Tabarino

A Hat, Mime, and some Fun…

"A few days ago I discovered in a corner of my attic, in an old dusty box : a Hat

An extraordinary Hat, a magic Hat ...

With this Hat and with a little imagination, you can travel to the 4 corners of the world, you can become anyone or even anything ...

You'll see.... "

Daniel Adrian, using a simple piece of felt, will give life in ten minutes, to some twenty, sometimes funny, sometimes historical, sometimes machiavelic characters ...

This act renew an old technique of the 18th century created by Tabarin and fallen somewhat in disuse.
It is not really a magic act, but it however releases a magic atmosphere from it which amongst other things pleased the public and the jury of the French Congress of Illusion and Magic Convention of Brussels where it has each time gained a first price in Additional Arts .

Let you fill with wonder ...

Duration : 10 mins
Min. stage space : 3 m depth x 4 m width
Indoor - Outdoor

Magician Daniel Adrian
1430 Bierghes
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