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Children's Show - Trucabrac

Funny guy with its confused step and its bags filled of odds and ends and with his five pennies mysteries : ... a saxophone which plays soap bubbles... the egg which lays the bird... and even why not a spectator who seems to be real Persian flying carpet...

All that and thousand and one other weird thinks will make that, while taking part in this show, the children will be amused by this curious and somewhat eccentric character. And they will be especially charmed to become for a moment the star magician of the show…

Daniel ADRIAN presents TRUCABRAC a funny and intelligent show, skilfully mixing magic, mime, and theatre effects.

It is meant more particularly to the children from 5 to 12 years, it will involve them in a burlesque and surrealist universe which will speak to their imaginary.

Sometimes even the most twisted adults will take part in this voyage...but chuuut.

TRUCABRAC is flexible, it will thus adapt to your event. The duration can vary from 10 to 50 minutes and it can be presented as well in French, in Dutch or English.

There is an ' animation' formula (walking around or not) of TRUCABRAC. This one combines Close-up adapted to the children as well as balloon modelling. This animation can be done in and outside.

- Play Area : indoor 5 m x 3 m - private version 3 m x 3 m
- For the theatre version, if necessary, we install sound, lighting and decor
- Preferably indoors (outdoor possible but the show is shorter - birds & bubbles)
- From 20 to 300 persons (according to the selected formula)
- Duration of full show : 50 minutes
- For the "stage" version the show is completely silent (musical accompaniment) and therefore perfectly appropriate for a multilingual audience.
- For kindergarten children (3 - 5 years old) there is an adapted version (shorter - max. 40 min - and more visual)

Magician Daniel Adrian
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