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Bird Act - Icariha

Bird Magic

Modern magic…
Original birds manipulations…
Bewitching music…
Let yourself dream and fly away ...

Original magic effects: an origami of paper transforming in a flash of fire into a real dove,…Hands miming the flight of a bird that suddenly seems to be real… Appearances of parakeets at the fingertips and at the end the appearance of a magnificent Macaw.…

Here are some of the ingredients composing this magical & manipulative act, very visual and very smooth, which will suit every audiences, in large theatres and small rooms .

This act was broadcasted on
"Le Plus Grand Cabaret du Monde" on French television
January 22, 2011

Duration : 10 mins
Min. space on stage : 3 m depth x 4 m width
Indoors only
Sufficient space behind the stage to install the bird cages (table 2 m)

Magician Daniel Adrian
1430 Bierghes
00 32 (0)2 582 48 61 - 00 32 (0)477 54 23 86