• magician vampire skull
  • magic carnival sand
  • magician vampire child coin
  • magician vampire fire in hand
  • magician halloween floating table


This show reunited in a strange universe : a somehow strange vampire magician, some fire effects, video projections, magical effects perfectly integrated in this fantastic universe and also many interactive effects requiring the direct participation of the public.

This show was created to meet a high demand during the Halloween period.
However, this theme can easily be adapted so that it can be presented on other occasions.

This is a family show suitable for children from 5 years old.

Duration: 50 min. full show (can be shorter)
Min. stage space : 4 m depth x 5 m width
Preferably in a dark room
Outdoor possible (preferably in the evening)

Magician Daniel Adrian
1430 Bierghes
00 32 (0)2 582 48 61 - 00 32 (0)477 54 23 86